Of the potentially billions of planets in the Universe that could support intelligent life like that on Earth, is it not reasonable to assume that at least one of them contains life that very much resembles humans? If so, would they share our human values? When Rion and Sena, two refugees from just such a planet travel across the galaxy to Earth to save their species from extinction, they land at sea and are separated in a hurricane. He washes up on the coast of Georgia. An Australian billionaire on his yacht rescues her and takes her to Australia. Pursued by an obsessed NASA scientist, an FBI agent and multiple foreign intelligence services, they must survive, find each other, evade and escape capture. It's a science-fiction story, an action-adventure story, a love story and a story about how the first contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life changes everyone involved.

Cover art by John Berkey, © John Berkey Art Ltd. Berkey (August 13, 1932 – April 29, 2008was an American artist known for his space- and science fiction-themed works. Some of Berkey's best-known work includes much of the original poster art for the Star Wars trilogy, the poster for the 1967 remake of King Kong and also the "Old Elvis Stamp."

Summer 2017

     Life is a journey to an unknown destination, best traveled in the company of Great Americans. Ed Ross' life is just such a story. This incredible no-holds-barred memoir reveals the good the bad and the evil of a 43-year career in the military and government, with stories of triumph, tragedy, murder, espionage, suicide, defection, terrorism, bureaucratic politics, sacrifice for love of country and associations with great Americans. He rises from a small child running free on the streets of Swissvale, Pennsylvania, to senior executive in the Department of Defense at home in the halls of power in Washington D.C. A highly-decorated Vietnam War combat veteran, he fights the Viet Cong in some of the major combat operations of the Vietnam War. As a case officer and counter-intelligence, counter-espionage special agent, he runs sensitive, deep cover operations against the Viet Cong, manages the U.S. Army's clandestine intelligence operations in the Asia-Pacific Theater of Operations. A fluent and literate Chinese linguist, as a China/Taiwan analyst in the Defense Intelligence Agency and as a military attache' to China he spearheads the opening of U.S.-China defense relations.

     Medically retired from the U.S. Army in 1984 with life threatening end-stage renal disease, he receives a kidney transplant the following year and goes on to a 23-year career in Washington, D.C., as the Special Assistant for China in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, where he is the architect of U.S. arms sales to China and oversees sensitive U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. As Acting Deputy Assistant of Defense for POW/MOIA Affairs, he establishes the Defense Prisoner of war Missing in Action Office and leads the Department of Defense through the intense scrutiny of the American people, the media and the Congress of the controversy over accounting for MIAs in Southeast Asia. As Principal Director for Operations in the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, he led at the nexus where grand strategy and amorphous bureaucracy converged to train and equip friends and allies around the world.